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About Abrasive Waterjet Cutting



Abrasive waterjet cutting is a cold cutting process that produces no heat affected areas or burnt edges, this allows materials to be cut that would normally burn, melt, crack or harden by other cutting methods.

The very fine cutting stream approximately 0.1mm enables cutting of almost any shape no matter how fine or intricate the profile, tight corner's and very high tollerances can be achieved.

Our machine has capability of cutting a maximum sheet size of 1700mm x 2600mm.

with a programme that achieves very tight nesting of parts excellent material yields can be obtained.

Waterjet will pierce straight through stacked sheets up to 150mm thick, plastic coated materials, composite materials, ceramic and just about any other material known to man, Exotic materials such as Titanium and alloy steels are cut with out the need to pre drill hole's

Complete with precision head technology we are able to offer a unique service, cutting parts with a true angle of up to +/- 55 degrees with a continuous rotation producing a perfect bevel on item's that would have otherwise proven expensive and difficult to achieve.



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